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In April 2002, the American Ultrarunning Association introduced a new monthly feature: Ultrarunners of the Month, presented by ULTRAFIT. At the beginning of each month, one American male and one American female ultrarunner will be highlighted for their noteworthy performances during the previous month. AUA is pleased to welcome ULTRAFIT as the sponsor of this new monthly feature. ULTRAFIT is a leading supplier of endurance products and services. Their website is located at: www.ultrafit-endurance.com

Ultrarunners of the month for November 2005
Howard Nippert, 40 of Fork Union, VA won the JFK 50 Mile, America's oldest and largest ultramarathon, in Boonesboro, Maryland.  Nippert's time was an impressive 5:51:28 and is his second sub six hour winning effort at the JFK event, which is a combination trail/road course. 

Anne Lundblad, 39 of Asheville, NC ran one of the great performances of the year, shattering the women's course record at the JFK 50 Mile.  Lundblad was recently was named the 2005 Ultrarunner of the Year for Women by USATF, based largely on her stunning success at the World 100K in Japan, leading the USA Women to the team gold, with her second place finish in the individual results.  Lunblad's time and new course record at JFK was a remarkable 6:29:42, breaking by over 20 minutes a record which had stood for over 20 years. 

Ultrarunners of the month for October 2005
Patrick Russell, 29, of Duluth, MN was the top finisher at the Edmund Fitzgerald 100K held on October 15th.  The "Ed Fitz" is run along much of the north shore of Lake Superior, finishing near Duluth, Minnesota.  Russell is one of the emerging new stars at the 100K road distance, having made his first national team this year.  Russell ran unchallenged to win in an impressive 7:12:25. 

Katherine Koski, 32 of Two Harbors, MN ran a stunning 100K debut at the Ed Fitz and finished first among women in an outstanding time of 8:00:28.  A speedy marathoner and half-marathoner, Koski brings some much needed legspeed to the American road ultrarunning scene and will hopefully join the reigning World Gold Medalist Women's 100K Team in 2006.  

Ultrarunners of the month for September 2005
Steve Peterson, 43 of Lafayette, CO was the top finisher at the Olander Park National 100 Mile Championship, held on the weekend of September 10/11 in Sylvania, Ohio.  Peterson ran 14:28:37, recording 50 mile splits of 7:01 and 7:27, which barely edged his teammate, Joe Gaebler, by less than 5 minutes. 

Rebecca Johnson, 36 of Lafayette, CO ran a similarly well paced run at Olander Park to take the women's national crown in 15:41:50, with remarkable 50 mile splits of 7:41 and 8:00. Johnson bested Janet Runyan by 1.5 hours. 

Ultrarunners of the month for August 2005
Matt Carpenter of Manitou Springs, CO shattered the Leadville 100 MileTrail course record by overan hour, winningthe prestigious event in a stunning time of 15:42:59. Carpenterdominated the competition by finishing over 3 hours ahead of his nearest competitor.A standout mountain runner for many years, Carpenter has one of the highest tested MaxVo2s on record, as well as sub 2:20 marathon speed.

Nikki Kimball of Bozeman, MT won the women's side of the Leadville event in an impressive time of 20:28:21. This comes a mere two weeks after her successful win at the White River 50 Mile National Trail Championship, where she is a three-time defending champion and course record holder. 

Ultrarunners of the month for July 2005

John Geesler of St. Johnsville, NY was the top American at the annual  World 24 Hour, held on July 16-17th in the small village of Worschach, in the foothills of the Austrian Alps.   Geesler, a three-time National 24 Hour Champion, totaled 144 miles for the 24 hours for 14th place and led the USA men to a 6th place finish. 

Sandy Powell of Greenville, VA ran a stunning World 24 Hour event in Worschach, finishing 6th overall among women to lead the USA women to the team bronze.  Powell, a physical education teacher, ran a distance of 133.1 miles, which is a new personal best 

Ultrarunners of the month for June 2005

Howard Nippert, 39, Pembroke, VA was the top American male at the annual  World 100K, which took place on June 26th at Lake Saroma, Hokkaido, Japan.  The  stalwart of the American team, Nippert's finish time of 6:59:20 was good for 8th place overall, under warm, sunny conditions.

Anne Riddle-Lundblad, 38, Asheville, NC stunned the World, by nearly overtaking the leader of the women's World 100K race in the last few miles. Despite coming up a mere 40 seconds shy of first place gold, Riddle-Lundblad finished with a PR of 7:54:22 and led the American women to a shocking team gold. 

Ultrarunners of the month for May 2005

Brian Morrison, 26, of Seattle, WA won the very rugged McDonald Forest 50K Trail Run on May 6th in a time of 4:39:23.  Morrison, a relative newcomer to the sport of ultradistance running, beat a top field, which included 6-time winner of the Western States 100, Scott Jurek.  He also bested top American trailrunners, Hal Koerner and William Emmerson. 

Ann Heaslett, 41, of Madison, WI won the women's division at the  Ice Age 50 Mile Trail event in the heart of Wisconsin's Kettle Moraine State Forest.  Heaslett's time was 7:49:52, an 8 minute margin over Carolyn Smith of Milwaukee, one of the top 24 Hour runners in the country. 

Ultrarunners of the month for April 2005 

Philip Kochik, 26, of Seattle, WA won the American Rive 50 Mile Run on April 6th in a time of 6:06.22, a close two minute victory margin over runner-up Eric Grossman of Louisville, KY.  The American River 50 Mile run is one of America's largest ultramarathons, with approximately 500 entrants. The race, which is a combination of a flat, fast pathways for the first 30 miles, turns into more difficult trails, with a steep climb in the last couple of miles, making this a unique test of endurance and strength. 

Beverly Anderson-Abbs, 40, of Red Bluff, CA won the women's division at the American River 50 Mile run, with a time of 7:07:43.   Anderson-Abbs had a breakout year in 2004, becoming one of America's premier ultrarunners.  She was named to the 2005 National 100K team to the 100K World Cup that will compete at Lake Saroma, Japan in June, but declined the team selection so that she can focus on the prestigious Western States 100 Miler, held on the same weekend as the World Cup event. 

Ultrarunners of the Month for March 2005

Dave Mackey, 35, of Boulder, CO, was the 2004 Ted Corbitt award winner for the Outstanding USA Male Ultrarunner.  Mackey picked up right where he left off after last season by winning the spring's biggest and most competitive 50K trail event, The Way Too Cool Trail 50K in Cool, California.  He took first place in a time of 3:39:28, defeating a stellar field. 

Nikki Kimball, 33, of Livingston, MT, like Mackey, was the 2004 USA Outstanding Female Ultrarunner award winner.  She continues to be one of the more prolific women ultrarunners in the country. On March 12th, she bested a strong women's field to win the Way Too Cool Trail 50K run in a time of 4:11:04. 

Ultrarunners of the Month for February 2005 

Jorge Pacheco, 37, of Los Angeles, CA won the Rocky Racoon 100 Mile Trail run in a quick 14:14:12 to win by more than one hour over his nearest competitor. 

Sandy Powell, 45, of Greenville, VA continues to be one of the most consistent women 24 Hour runners in the country. On February 12th, she set a new personal best in Houston, with a total mileage of 129 miles.   Powell is a two-time National 24 Hour team member (2003 and 2004). 

Ultrarunners of the month for January 2005 

John Geesler, 45, of St. Johnsville, NY, a three time National 24 Hour Champion won the Across the Years 72 Hour event in Phoenix, Arizona.  The race, which began in 2004, ended on New Years Day and Geesler accumulated 300 miles, for an average of 100 miles per day.  Geesler is the American Record holder for the 48 hour run, with 248.55 miles. 

Carolyn Smith, 39, of Milwaukee, WI, like Geesler, ran the Across the Years Ultra event, but performed at the 24 hour distance.  Her New Year's day finishing total of 128 miles was a personal best and achieves the "A" standard for National Team status. 

1/9/2005: Ultrarunners of the month for December 2004 

Chad Ricklefs, 37, of Boulder, CO ran one of the fastest 50 milers by an American in recent years, clocking a 5:24:45 time in Tallahassee, FL on December 11th.  Running pretty much by himself, Ricklefs' steady pace at slightly better then 6:30 per mile is the leading time for the distance in 2004. 

Connie Gardner, 41, of Medina, OH continues to be one of the more prolific women ultrarunners in the country. On December 11th, she bested a strong field to win the Sunmart 50 Mile Trail run in a time of 7:16:27.  Gardner is the 2004 American National 100 Mile Road Champion, having won the Olander Park 100 Mile on September 11th. 

12/8/2004:Ultrarunners of the month for November 2004 

Mike Dudley, 34, of Atlanta, GA nipped Kevin Beck by 50 seconds to win the USATF National 50K Championship on November 14th. A 2:14 marathoner, Dudley put his road speed to good use in averaging better than 6:00 minutes per mile pace to win the close contest with Beck. 

Ann Riddle, 38, of Asheville, NC who is currently the leading road ultramarathoner in the US won the women's division of the USATF National 50K Championship in a time of 3:39:58. The win came only a couple of weeks after Riddle captured the National Trail Marathon Championship and only two months after her sixth place finish at the World Cup 100K in Winschoten, Netherlands, where she posted a remarkable 7:56:48 for the 62.1 mile distance. 

11/9/2004: Ultrarunners of the month for October 2004

Stephanie Ehret, 41, of Boulder, Colorado led a strong American women's team at the 2004 World 24 Hour event in Brno, Czech Republic with a total distance of 140.16 miles. This puts Ehret behind only the legendary Sue Ellen Trapp and Ann Trason on the all time American 24 Hour list for women. Ehret's total earned her a bronze medal third at the event and carried her American women's team to a third place team award.

Scott Eppelman, 38, of Coppell, Texas led the American men in Brno with a personal best total of 144.02 miles and an 11th place finish, which duplicated team mate John Geesler's effort of the previous year. Eppelman is widely know for his consistent finishes, regardless of the distance or terrain. This marks his third National Team, having raced the World 100K in Torhout, Belgium in June of 2002 and last years World 24 Hour in Uden, The Netherlands in 2003. 

10/6/2004: Ultrarunners of the month for September 2004

Howard Nippert, of Blacksburg, VA, ran the race of his life in finishing 7th at the World Cup 100K in Winschoten on September 11th. Nippert's time of 6:43:12 (6:29 pace) was a personal best by some 18 minutes and was a very evenly paced effort, with a 3:17 first half, followed by at 3:26 second half. This was his 6th appearance at the event, which is held annually.

Anne Riddle, of Asheville, NC duplicated Nippert's feat with a 6th place finish in Winschoten to lead the American Women in a new personal best time of 7:56:48. Riddle's splits were even more remarkable then Nippert's great effort, as she posted a 3:56 first half, followed by a 4:00 second half. This was her 4th World 100K event.

9/9/2004: Ultrarunners of the month for August 2004

The ultrarunners of the month for August, 2004 are Leadville Trail 100 Mile winners Paul DeWitt and Anthea Schmid. DeWitt, of Colorado Springs, CO, broke the course record by 7 minutes with his 17:16:19 win. Schmid, of Crested Butte, CO, won the women's division for the second time in three years, with a final time of 20:50:05.

8/9/2004: Ultrarunners of the month for July 2004 

Uli Steidl, 33, Seattle, WA, won his 2nd straight White River 50 Mile Trail Run on July 31st, with a new course record of 6:32:43. A German Citizen with extremely fast marathon credentials, Steidl showed what world class speed can do at an ultramarathon distance. He beat the USA National Champion, Phil Kochik by 26 minutes as White River hosted the USATF 50 Mile Trail Championships for the fourth consecutive year.

Nikki Kimball, 32, Livingston, MT duplicated Steidl's feat with a new women's course record at the USATF White River 50 Mile Trail Championship. Kimball's time of 7:45:21 was two minutes ahead of her course record set last year. This marks the third month in a row that Nikki Kimball has been named the American Ultrarunner of the Month. Could she make it four in September? Kimball is set to lead the American Ultrarunning 100K team at this year's World Cup, which takes place in Winschoten, The Netherlands on September 11th.

7/2/2004: Ultrarunners of the month for June 2004 

Scott Jurek, 33, Seattle, WA, won his 6th straight Western States 100 Mile, with a new course record of 15:36:27.  Jurek's performance is one of the finest ultrarunning performances in years, made even more remarkable by the fact that in each of his six wins, he has progresively lowered his time, each and every year.  Jurek, a native of Minnesota, is also the 2003 Montrail Cup Trail Champion.

Nikki Kimball, 32, Elizabethtown, NY, is currently regarded as the finest American female ultrarunner.   In her debut at Western States, Kimball won in a very impressive 18:43:25 to become the third fastest female performer in the history of the event.  Kimball is the first repeat winner of Ultrarunner of the Month, having earned the recognition in May, by winning the Ice Age Trail 50K run on May 8th.  In September, Kimball will lead the American 100K Team at the World Cup 100K, to take place in Winschoten, The Netherlands.

6/7/2004: Ultrarunners of the month for May 2004

Scott Creel, 41, Bozeman, MT won the Ice Age 50K Trail event in a fast time of 3:14:04. Run over the difficult glacial terrain of the Kettle Moraine State Forest, Creel bested a very good field to win the event which is part of the 2004 Montrail Cup series.  In 2003, Creel was the USATF National 50K Trail Championship

Nikki Kimball, 32, Elizabethtown, NY equaled Creels effort, in winning the women's side of the Ice Age 50K Trail run with a time of  3:53:16.  As in the men's race, this leg of the Montrail Cup series offered stiff competition, but Kimball, the 2003 50 Mile Trail National Champion prevailed and is now considered by many as the best all-around female ultrarunner in the United States. 

5/5/2004: Ultrarunners of the month for April 2004

Tim Clement, Solon, OH won his second national title in seven months by winning the American 100K National Championship on April 4th in Eagle, Wisconsin.  Clement's time of 7:39:54 was 14 minutes better than runner-up Mark Werner, of Rochester, MI.  Clement, along with Werner and third place finisher Mark Godale, all qualified for the 2004 national 100K Team. 

In September of 2003, Clement won the prestigious Olander Park Ultramarathon, which hosted the first 100 Mile National Championship in over 10 years.  His time over the 1.1 mile oval was 14:01:01, an 8:25 per mile average for the 100 mile road distance. 

Anne Riddle, Swannanoa, NC won her fourth national title at the American 100K National Championship on April 4th.  With a personal best time of 8:11:02, Riddle bested a top notch American women's field that saw five women under the nine hour mark for the 62.1 mile distance.  The win and top three finish means she has made her fourth consecutive national 100K team, that will compete in Winschoten, The Netherlands on September 11th. 

4/1/2004: Ultrarunners of the month for March 2004 

Dave Mackey, 34, Boulder, CO has now established himself as the premier American Ultrarunner on the trails, as demonstrated at the Way Too Cool 50K Trail Run in Cool, California.  Mackey averaged 6:52 over the difficult 50 kilometer course, finishing with a great time of 3:32.  Mackey is the defending USATF 50 Mile Trail Champion, having won the White River 50 Mile Trail Championship last August in Washington State. 

Beverly Anderson-Abbs, 39, Red Bluff, CA ran a remarkable double on the weekend of March 20/21.  On Saturday, Anderson-Abbs won the Rucky Chuck Roundabout Trail 50K in California in 4:49.  On Sunday morning she won the Stevens Creek Trail 50K in 5:17.  While racing twice on a weekend is not all that uncommon for shorter distance runners, ultramarathoners who undertake such a double (and win both) are rare. 

3/11/2004: Ultrarunners of the month for February 2004 

Paul Dewitt, 35, Colorado Springs, CO beat a talented field on February 14th at the Red Hot 50K Trail event in Moab, Utah.  Dewitt's time of 3:57 is very noteworthy as the field included ultrarunner talents Ian Torrence, Karl Meltzer. Erik Solof and Hal Koerner. 

Anthea Schmid, 32, Colorado Springs, CO established herself as the February female ultrarunner of the month with a pair of wins.  On February 7th, Schmid won the Pemberton 50K in Fountain Hills, Arizona in time of 4:02.  A week later on February 14th, she won the inaugural Moab event, the Red Hot Trail 50K in a time 4:39.  In April, Schmid will test herself over the challenging 100K road distance, by running in the American 100K National Championship, with hopes of qualifying for the American 100K team. 

2/11/2004: Ultrarunners of the month for January 2004

John Geesler, 44, St. Johnsville, NY established a new American Record for 48 hours by running 248.55 miles at the Across the Years 48 Hour event in Phoenix, Arizona.  Geesler, coming off a remarkable 2003 season, in which he led the American team at the World 24 Hour, then came back to take the silver medal at the San Diego One Day National 24-Hour Championship, has now established himself as the premier American at 24 hours and beyond. 

Stephanie Ehret, 40, Boulder, CO established herself among the elite American 24 hour women by running a strong 130.49 miles at the Across the Years 24 Hour event in Phoenix, earning a spot on the National Team for the 2004 World 24-Hour event.  Back in November, Ehret had won outright the inaugural Javalina Trail 100 in Arizona in an impressive 17:38:51. 

1/6/2004: Ultrarunners of the month for December 2003

Dave Mackey, 34, of Boulder, CO was the top American finisher and 2nd overall at the Sunmart 50 Mile Trail Run on December 13th.  Mackey, who less then a month earlier broke the 6 hour mark at the prestigious JFK 50 Miler, accomplished the same by running the Hunstsville State Park course in 5:58:55. Earlier this year, he was crowned the USA National Champion at the White River 50 Mile Trail Run in

Ann Heaslett, 40, of Madison, WI, won the Huff 50K Trail run in Huffington, IN with a time of 4:15:56, beating 2003 Ultrarunner of the Year, Connie Gardner by 20 minutes.  Heaslett was the 2002 USATF Ultrarunner of the year, winning the 2002 50 Mile Trail Championship and 24 Hour Road Championship.

12/4/2003: Ultrarunners of the month for November 2003

Nikki Kimball, 32, of Elizabethtown, NY was the top American and 8th overall at the IAU 100K World Cup in Tainan County, Taiwan, which took place on November 16th. Running under some of the most difficult conditions ever with very high humidity and temperatures in the 80's, Kimball stayed strong throughout the hilly 62.1 mile course and lead the American women to a strong 4th place team finish.

Joe Gaebler, 26, of Boulder, CO won the National 24 Hour Championship in San Diego with a personal best performance of 162.2 miles.  This performance ranks 3rd on the all-time best performance list for American men and comes just two months after finishing a close second at the Olander Park National 100 Mile Championship in Sylvania, Ohio. 

11/6/2003: Ultrarunners of the month for October 2003

John Geesler, 43, of St. Johnsville, NY was the top American and 11th overall at the World 24 Hour Challenge, which took place in Uden, The Netherlands on October 11-12. Geesler covered  239.313km (148.7 miles) in the allotted 24 hours, which puts him at the top of the yearly USA rankings for 24 hours.

Pam Reed, 42, of Tucson, Arizona finished 6th woman at the World 24 Hour Challenge with a personal best performance of  217.04 kilometers (134.86 miles). Reed led the American women in finishing fourth out of eleven competing countries. Reed was the July Ultrarunner of the Month for her winning Badwater performance.

10/15/2003: Ultrarunners of the month for September 2003

Tim Clement, 42 of Solon, Ohio, surprised everyone in taking the USA National 100 mile road titles at Olander Park in Sylvania, Ohio.  Run under a relentless bright, baking sun for the first seven hours of the race, which started at 10:00AM, Clement's time of 14:01:01 was very noteworthy under the conditions.  Clement won the Masters Champion crown as well.

Connie Gardner, 39 of Medina, Ohio  won the women's crown in 16:22:15, which is a USA Championship record.  Gardner, the 2002 USA 100km champion, ran unchallenged wire-to-wire, gradually extending her winning margin by over seven miles.  Gardner has risen to the top elite of American ultrarunning women and is now setting her sights on perhaps the biggest test of her career; the 100K World Cup in Taiwan, to be held November 16th. 

9/9/2003: Ultrarunners of the month for August 2003

Uli Steidl, 30 of Seattle, WA won the White River 50 Mile Trail National Championship in 6:37:02, bettering the old course record by 13 minutes.   The German citizen who resides in Seattle crushed a deep and talented American field by displaying remakable speed on this very demanding course.  With two major climbs of approximately 3500 feet, the White River course offers spectacular views of the surrounding Mt. Ranier National Park. 

Nikki Kimball,32 of Elizabethtown, NY is firmly establising herself as one of the top female ultrarunners in the country.  The multi-talented distance runner, who also excels at snowshoe, mountain and road running, broke Ann Trason's two year old mark on the White River course to win the Women's 50 Mile Trail Championship.  Her time of 7:46:33 was 11 minutes faster then Trason's previous record set in 1991. 

8/12/2003: Ultrarunners of the month for July 2003

Pam Reed, 42 of Tucson, Arizona won the Badwater 135 Mile Run on July 23rd in 28:26:52 to finish first overall for the second straight year.   Regarded as one of the toughest endurance contests in the world, the Badwater run takes runners from Death Valley to Mt Whitney. 

With temperatures hitting 130 in the sun and near freezing at night, runners run from the lowest to the highest point in the continental United States. 

Roy Pirrung of Sheboygan, Wisconsin celebrated his 55th by setting three new American age-group records at the Sri Chimnoy 48-/24-Hour Self-Transcendence Race, in Köln, Germany on July 13th.  His 12-hour split (77.75 mi/125,134 km), 24-hour split (137.69 mi/221.605 km) and 100-mile split (16:10:20) established marks in the 55-59 age group. 

Pirrung is a perennial national champion at a wide variety of ultradistances and one of the most prolific medalists in American Ultrarunning history. 

7/19/2003: Ultrarunners of the month for June 2003 

Scott Jurek, 28, Seattle, WA, has simply dominated the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run the last five years.  In successive years, Jurek has continually lowered his time to the point that on June 28th, he ran the third fastest time ever on the course (16:01), behind only Mike Morton's course record 15:40 and Tom Johnson's, 15:54.  Jurek's fifth consecutive win was against one of the steepest, most talented fields of year. 

Ann Trason, 42, Kennsington, CA, is even more dominate then Jurek.  With 14 sub 20 hour finishes (all wins), Trason's name will forever be associated with the event that is widely regarded as the most prestigious trail 100 miler in the world.  Her time of 18:36 was her 7th fastest on the course and close to an hour ahead of the second place women. 

Another very notable performance at Western States was achieved by Roger Dellor, age 60, who set the 60-64 age group record, with a time of 20:28. 

6/24/2003: Ultrarunners of the month for May 2003

Tom Nielsen, 43, Annandale, VA, a veteran ultrarunner who only recently located to the Virgina from the west coast, won the technically difficult  Massanutten Mountain Trail 100 Miler in a time of 21:55:30.  Nielsen is a past winner of the Angeles Crest 100 Miler and one of the top finishers from Western States a few years back. 

Bethany Hunter, 24, Lynchburg, VA, is a relative newcomer to the ulltrarunning community and at the age of 24, one of the youngest.  A protégé of David Horton, Hunter took the women's crown at Massanutten in a time of 24:40:20, becoming one of the youngest 100 mile trail winners in the United States.

5/9/2003: Ultrarunners of the month for April 2003

Nikki Kimball, 31  NY edged hometown favorite Jennifer Pfeifer by a mere two minutes in winning the American River 50 Mile Run in Sacramento, California on April 5th.  Her time of  6:32:01 was good for 5th place over all in a field of 433 finishers. Kimball is a versatile distance runner, who excelsat mountain racing and snowshoe events.  She was a member of the bronze medal American team at last years 100K World Cup. 

Nate McDowell, NM and Chad Ricklefs, CO fought a hard battle to tie for first at this year's Zane Grey Highline 50 Mile Trail Run on April 26th. Competing against an extremely deep and talented field, the pair turned in a strong performance over the very difficult Arizona Mountain terrain with a time of 8:11:44.  Ricklefs was the top ultrarunner of the year in 2002, winning the prestigious Ted Corbitt award.  McDowell is a defending National Champion, having won the 2002 White River 50 Mile National Championship at Crystal Mountain, Washington.

April 7, 2003: Ultrarunners of the month for March, brought to you by Ultrafit Sports.

Uli Steidl, 31, WA won the Way Too Cool 50Km Trail Run near Cool, California on March 8th.  His winning time of 3:18:20 was nothing short of incredible, as he defeated a deep and talented field of ultrarunners and obliterated one of the country's finest course records.  Steidl's run is the leading performance of the year.

Cathy Tibbetts, 48, NM is a veteran ultramarathoner, with substantial credentials behind her.  Better known for her Marathon des Sables runs, as well as other adventurous runs, she has in recent years tested her speed at the shorter ultradistances.  On March 23rd, Tibbetts won the Grasslands 50 Mile Trail Run in Texas in a course record time of 7:31:20, establishing her as one of the top masters ultra women in the country. 

March 8, 2003: Ultrarunners of the month for February, brought to you by Ultrafit Sports.

Ian Torrence, 30, UT won the Pemberton Trail 50K trail race in the McDowell Mountain Park are of Fountain Hills, Arizona.  Torrence's time of 3:21:57 was a course record and 14 minutes ahead of his nearest competitor. In 2002, Torrence established a new combined record performance for the Grand Slam of ultrarunning, running four hundred milers, Western States, Vermont, Leadville and the Wasatch 100 Mile Trail Runs. 

Jen Devine-Pfeiffer, 32, CA won the Jed Smith 50K at Sacramento's Gibson Ranch.  Her time of 3:43 is short of her course record of 3:35, but establishes her at the top of the 50K ranking list for 2003.  A two-time member of the USA National 100K Team, Pfiefer is attemping to qualify for the 2004 Olympic Trials in the marathon. 

February 11, 2003: Ultrarunners of the month for January

Joe Gaebler, 25 won the Across the Years 24 Hour Run with a total of 145.5 miles on New Year's day.  Gaebler's total is one of the best American performances in the last few years and a remarkable debut for a young ultrarunner. 

Anne Riddle, 36 won the Frosty 50K in North Carolina in 3:42:06.  Riddle has been a dominating presence at the 50K distance having won the 2002 GNC National Road 50K Championship and the 2001 Huff National 50K Trail Championship. 

January 3, 2003: 
Ultrarunners of the Month - December 2002, Presented by Ultrafit Sports

John Geesler
John Geesler, 43, of St. Johnsville, New York won the Ultracentric Track 48 Hour Race with a total of 231 miles, 769 yards.  This was Geesler's first attempt at 48 hours and puts him in the top five all-time American list for the event.  Back in September, Geesler became the first man to win three USA National 24 Hour Championships, by winning the Olander Park 24 Hour. 

Sue Ellen Trapp 
Sue Ellen Trapp, 56, of Fort Myers, Florida, added more world ultra records to her collection in early December at the Ultracentric track race in Addison Texas. Trapp, still holder of absolute, open women's World (48 Hour) and American (24 Hour) records, plus a long list of World and American age-group marks, became the top American woman for the year by winning the Addison 24-Hour event outright with a total of 133 miles, 308 yards. The performance establishes a new Women's World and American age 55-59 track mark for 24 hours. Pending review of her lap sheets, Trapp is likely also to have broken World age-group records for most of the en-route distances from 50 miles through 200km. 

December 2, 2002:
Ultrarunners of the Month - November 2002, Presented by Ultrafit Sports

Alex Tilson
Alex Tilson, 32, of Burlingame, California, ran 2:51:47 in the first Silicon Valley Speedster 50Km Ultra Classic to set a new American record (pending ratification) for 50 kilometers. His time bettered the U.S. track record of 2:52:47 set by Barney Klecker at Tuscon, Arizona, on 15 Nov. 1981. The course was a USATF certified 1Km loop, repeated 50 times.

Connie Gardner
Connie Gardner, 38, of Medina, Ohio, who won the U.S. women's 100Km title last month at the Edmund Fitzgerald 100Km in Minnesota, captured the JFK 50 Mile women's title in 7:11:46, finishing 24 minutes up on Bethany Hunter, 23, of Lynchburg. A very good women's field included Laura Nelson, 37, of Waynesboro, Va., a two-time defending champion and four-time winner overall, Sue Johnston, 36, of Waterford, Vermont. 

Gardner's time is very impressive, given the cold and head wind that the runners faced on the 26 mile C&O Towpath section of the course.

November 1, 2002:
Ultrarunners of the Month - October 2002, Presented by Ultrafit Sports

Chad Ricklefs 
Chad Ricklefs, 35, of Boulder, CO, won the USA National 100K Championship on October 19th in a personal best time of 7:09:29.  Ricklefs was coming off a course record run at the  Leadville 100 Mile Trail Run in Colorado this past August. He is also the defending champion of the country's largest and oldest ultramarathon in the country, the JFK 50 Miler in Maryland. 

Connie Gardner 
Connie Gardner, 38  of Medina, OH won the women's title at the National 100K Championship in 8:30:32.  Running near perfect splits for the 62.1 distance (4:14 for the first half, 4:16 for the second half) Gardner pulled away from a tight pack of four women at about 60 kilometers to take her first national title. 

A relative newcomer to the ultradistances, Gardner placed fourth at the National 50K Championships in March and then followed that up with a strong win (17:21:38) at the Umstead 100 Miler in North Carolina. 

Both Gardner and Ricklefs earned automatic spots on the 2003 National 100K Team that will compete in Taiwan in November. 

October 4, 2002:
Ultrarunners of the Month - September 2002, Presented by Ultrafit Sports

Ray Piva
Ray Piva, 76, of San Francisco, CA, set two World Records at the Olander Park National 24 Hour Championships on September 14-15.  Piva set the 100 Mile Road best, by passing the mark in 23:01:56.  He would go on to finish the 24 hour event with a total distance of 105.02 miles. 

Enroute, he also set the new American Record for 12 Hours in the 75-79 age group, with a split of 86,033 meters.

This is the second time Piva has garnered Ultrarunner of the Month honors.  In April, at the Ruth Anderson 100Km in California, his split for 50 kilometers was 4:50:34, a new American and World Record for the 75-79 age group. His 50 mile time was 8:34:28 and final 100Km time,10:59:51, both World and American age group marks.

Ann Heaslett 
Ann Heaslett, 38, of Madison, Wisconsin, took her second national crown of the year by winning the Olander Park National 24 Hour Championship. In her debut at the distance, Heaslett compiled 128.55 miles, besting two 24 hour specialists, Sandy Powell, silver medalist, and 7-time defending national champion Sue Ellen Trapp.

The win allowed Heaselett to gain All-American Gold Status, as she was second at the National 50K Championships and first at the National 50 Mile Trail Championship. 

September 5, 2002:
Ultrarunners of the Month - August 2002, Presented by Ultrafit Sports 

Chad Ricklefs
Chad Ricklefs, 35, of Boulder, CO, won the Leadville100 Mile Trail Run on August, 17th, in course record time.  His time of 17:23:18 is remarkable since the entire course is run at altitudes of 9,000 to 12,000 feet.  Rickleffs has clearly shown his diverse abilities, as earlier in the year, he won the Chicago Lakefront 50 Km in a time of 3:12:15. 

Mary Fagan
Mary Fagan, 26 of Mill Valley, CA won the Headlands USA National 50Km Trail Championship, in 4:30:59 over a deep women's field.  A newcomer on the ultrarunning circuit, Fagan first came to notice earlier this year by winning the Cool Canyon Crawl 50Km.  This is her first USA National Championship title.

August 2, 2002: 
Ultrarunners of the Month - July 2002, Presented by Ultrafit Sports

Nate McDowell
Nate McDowell, 30, of Corvallis, OR, won the USA National 50 Mile Trail Championship on July 27th in course record time.  McDowell defeated one of the strongest competitive fields assembled this year to win in a time of 6:50:39. 

This year's championship was held in conjunction with the White River 50 Trail Run and is run on the rugged terrain of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest 75 miles east of Seattle, Washington. The up-and-down course varied in elevation from 2,000 feet to nearly 6,000 feet.  "Nate ran a great race against a very strong field," said race director Scott McCoubrey. 

Pam Reed
Pam Reed, 41 of Tucson, AZ won the Badwater Ultramarathon, a 135 mile race across Death Valley.  Not only did she win outright, beating her nearest male rival by close to five hours, she set a new women's record in a time of 27:56. 

With temperatures often exceeding 120 degrees, Badwater is one of the harshest tests in ultramarathoning.  Her win at Badwater comes just a 10 days after winning the Elkhorn Trail 100 km in Montana. 

July 3, 2002:
Ultrarunners of the Month - June 2002, Presented by Ultrafit Sports

Howard Nippert
Howard Nippert of Pembroke, Virginia does not race very often.  But, when he does, it is at the highest level.  On June 21st, Nippert led the American Men at the annual IAU World 100Km Cup in Torhout, Belgium.  It was 10 months since his previous race, the 2001 World event in Cleder, France.

His 13th place is a world class performance, especially under the festive, often circus-like atmosphere that the host Night of Flanders race was this year.  A night race, with a starting time of 8:02 PM, this race presents some unique and difficult challenges for the 100Km runner. Nippert never lost his focus and ran a brilliant race in a time 7:01:02.

USA Women
At the same World Cup event, the USA women captured the bronze medals for finishing third as a team.  The USA is fortunate to bring good depth to the World Cup and this year was no exception.  Led by Tania Pacev, Anne Riddle and Ann Heaslett, the USA Women captured the bronze medals by fighting their way past many of the same hurdles that Nippert had to overcome. Their teaming together to achieve a common goal was outstanding and together they become one on the medal stand.

Congratulations to these outstanding ultrarunners for the month for June.

Honorable mention must go out to Scott Jurek and Ann Trason, as they continue to dominate the Western States 100 Mile Trail Run. Their individual performances will surely rank high for the year and in most months, would have merited this Ultrarunner of the Month recognition.

June 8, 2002:
Ultrarunners of the Month - May 2002, Presented by Ultrafit Sports

At 41, Ann Trason of Kensington, California shows little sign of slowing down.  Arguebly the greatest female ultrarunner of all time, Trason has excelled on the trails, as well as roads for well over a decade.  She has often contended with some of the leading male trailrunners in the western part of the United States and has on occasion won an event overall.

This past month, Trason once again accomplished the feat by winning the Quicksilver 50 Mile Trail event in an exceptional time of 6:45:56 to place first overall.  It may not be the last time we see her at the top of the
finisher list.

Scott Jurek, 28, of Seattle, Washington is preparing for a four-peat at Western States later this month.  If the past month or two is any indication of his chances, it would be hard to bet against him.  Jurek won the Miwok 100Km event on May 3rd, despite running the highly competitive Promise Land 50Km trail event a week earlier.  In that event he placed a close second to Clark Zealand, a Virginia local.  Jurek's time at the Miwok event was a 8:44.

May 2, 2002:
ULTRAFIT presents the April Ultrarunners of the Month - Ray Piva and Jennifer Devine-Pfeifer

RAY PIVA of San Francisco, California has been one of the top senior master runners for many years and holds numerous American age-group records. In April, at the age of 75, he established three more World and American records, running the Ruth Anderson 100Km in California. His split for 50 kilometers was 4:50:34, a new American and World Record for the 75-79 age group. His 50 mile time was 8:34:28 and final 100Km time, 10:59:5, both World and American age group marks.

JENNIFER DEVINE-PFEIFER, 30, of Sacramento, California ran the American River 50 miler on April 6th. Her time of 6:45:12 earned her first place in one of the biggest and most competitive American ultramarathons. Devine-Pfeifer is one of the top ultrarunners in the country, has been named to her second consecutive USA National Ultra Team, and is currently setting her sights on the World 100Km Cup in Torhout, Belgium on June 21st.

April 4, 2002:
ULTRAFIT presents the March Ultrarunners of the Month - Dan Verrington and Janice Kreuz

39 year old Dan Verrington, of Bradford, Massachusetts won the National 50 km Road Championship in Pittsburgh on March 23rd.  Leading from the start, he went after the American Record of 3:00 and was on target for half the race when he succumbed to the high winds of the day.  His winning time of 3:09:15 was his debut at the ultramarathon distances.

At the same 50 km Road Championships, Janice Kreuz of Cincinnati, Ohio, set a Women's 50-54 age group record in a time of 4:16:32. She also holds the Women's 40-44 50 km road record.  She was the 1990 USA OPEN women's 50 km champion (Muncie, IN).  Her time of 4:16:32 was good for 5th overall and first place master.

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