The 2010 USA 100K Championship was hosted by the 4th Mad City 100K in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday morning, April 10. Chikara Omine of San Francisco set a fast early pace, but was eventually caught by the more even-pacing eventual national medalists. Leading them at the finish was Matt Woods, 30, of Falls Church, Va. taking his first national title in 7 hours, 6 minutes, 22 seconds. Washington's Greg Crowther, 2007 USA 100K champion, was national runner-up in 7:15:11.

Also earning her first national title was overall women's winner, 48-year-old Meghan Arbogast of Corvallis, Ore., who bested fellow master Annette Bednosky, 43, of Jefferson, N.C. by almost 5 minutes, 8:00:53 to 8:05:24. Arbogast also shattered the course record by more than 8 minutes.

In 2009 at Torhout, Belgium, Arbogast finished 5th at the World 100K Championship, and was the third scorer for the gold medal winning USA women's team there. Bednosky's runner-up performance at Mad City was actually a relatively short run for her. In 2009, she was #2 scorer on the USA women's silver medal winning team at the 24 Hour World Championship in Bergamo, Italy.

As national champions, Woods and Arbogast also secured automatic berths on Team USA for the IAU 100K World Cup in Gibraltar on November 7, 2010.

4th Mad City 100K: USA Championship
Madison, WI, Saturday, April 10, 2010

1) Matt Woods (VA), 7:06:22, $2000
2) Greg Crowther (WA), 7:15:11, $1200
3) Chad Ricklefs, 42, CO, 7:16:52, $750
4) Chikara Omine (CA), 7:17:15, $500
5) Michael Arnstein (NY), 7:27:48, $250

1) Meghan Arbogast, 48, OR, 8:00:53*, $2000
2) Annette Bednosky, 43, NC, 8:05:24, $1200
3) Melanie Fryar (CO), 8:18:24, $750
4) Kristin Moehl (WA), 8:33:52, $500
5) Angie Radosevich (WI), 8:46:01, $250
*course record (previous record, 8:09:04, Julie Udchachon (AK), 2007)

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