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2002 Annual Report
Request for National Championship Bids 2003-2004
Bid Letter - See the Criteria used to Judge Bids
Selection Criteria for 2003 World 100km Team Members

Trason & Hanna Named USATF 2001 Ultrarunners of the Year
Masters and Contributor Also Honored

Ricklefs & Heaslett Named USATF 2002 Ultrarunners of the Year
Trason & Pirrung Earn Mater's Awards

USA Track & Field, the governing body for the sport in the USA, handles its ultrarunning issues through the MUT (Mountain, Ultra & Trail) Council.  Within USATF, all long distance running issues are handled through the Long Distance Running (LDR) Division, and with the year 2000 restructuring of USATF, the former MUT Subcommittee was elevated to "Council" status.  This will give a higher profile and more self-governing autonomy to the ultrarunning members of USATF.

The MUT Council now represents the disciplines of mountain running, ultrarunning, and trail running to the Men's, Women's, and Masters LDR committees within the new LDR Division of USATF.

MUT focuses on Ultrarunning (all distances beyond the standard 26.2 miles marathon, whether road, trail, or track), Mountain Running (distances usually between 5km and the marathon, with substantial elevation change--i.e., running up and down mountains, and usually on unpaved surfaces), and Trail Running (running at sub-ultra distances on trails through woods, forests, etc., but not necessarily with substantial elevation change).

With regard to Ultrarunning, MUT is responsible for the governance, development, and administrative involvement of USATF in ultras. This includes road, track, and trail ultras, from just over 26 miles up through multi-day events.

MUT can be a helpful resource for ultrarunners and ultra race directors in the areas of:

                                     Event sanctioning (and insurance)
                                     Course measurement and certification
                                     USATF competition rules
                                     Requirements for records
                                     USATF membership
                                     Other related issues

MUT is also responsible for the annual USA National Ultrarunning Championships, and for the USA National Ultra Team. MUT works closely with the AUA on international ultra issues and programs involving American athletes and/or events.

MUT Council Members

To learn more about the MUT Council or to provide your ultrarunning comments, please contact one of the MUT ultra representatives listed below:

Menís LDR:
Kevin Setnes 262-495-3474
Tom Johnson 530-741-6278 (w)
916-764-2268 (c)
Womenís LDR:
Janice Anderson 770-433-8211 x17654 (w)
770-794-9537 (h)
Lorraine Gersitz 562-860-2451 x2412 (w)
714-526-5340 (h)
Masterís LDR:
Theresa Daus-Weber 303-973-7579 (h)
Roy Pirrung 920-457-4441 x77346 (w)
920-458-8870 (h)

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