The American Ultrarunning Association announces its executive board for 2002.  The board is comprised of three elected officers; President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Up to four additional board members, plus administrative support staff, may be appointed by the president, with the approval of the other two elected officers.  The appointed board members serve a minimum one-year term, subject to re-appointment on an annual basis.
On March 23, 2002, Kevin Setnes was elected president of AUA.  Scott Eppelman was elected secretary, and Lin Gentling treasurer.  The AUA Executive Board is now comprised of the following six members:
Kevin Setnes, 48, of Eagle, Wisconsin is President of the AUA.  He is a past member of the board and also co-chairs the USATF Mountain, Ultra and Trail Council.  He is a five time USA National Champion and nine time member of the USA National 100Km team.  He is the only man to win the USA National 100km and 24 Hour Run Championships in the same year.  Kevin formerly held the American Road Record for the 24-hour road run and has won a team silver medal in the World 100km.  He has also been the recipient of USATF's Ted Corbitt Award as the outstanding American ultrarunner.
Scott Eppelman, 35, of Coppell, Texas is Secretary of the AUA.  He is race director for the Ultracentric 24 and 48 hour event in Texas.  He is an accomplished 100 mile trail runner with a recent victory at the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile in Huntsville, Texas.  Scott has been a bronze medalist at the USA 24-Hour Run National Championship.
Lin Gentling, 50, of Rochester, Minnesota is Treasurer of the AUA.  She is the immediate past  President of the organization.  She is a former USA National 100km Champion and member of two USA National Ultra Teams.  Lin has served as team leader or manager for most USA National 100km teams over the past decade.  Lin was previously the elected Secretary of the International Association of Ultrarunners' General Council and she continues to serve as AUA's delegate to the International body.
Anne Riddle, 35, of Asheville, North Carolina has been appointed to the board.  Anne is a three time USA National Ultra Champion and a current member of the USA National 100Km Team.  She has a diversified running background in both trail, road and shorter road distances.  Anne currently works as a counselor at a local college. She is the current defending USA National 100Km (road), 50Km (road) and 50Km (trail) Champion.
Jennifer Devine-Pfeifer, 31 of Sacramento, California has been appointed to the board.  A high school history teacher, Devine-Pfeifer is now a two time USA National 100Km Team member with victorious trail and road ultra experiences.  She is a top ranked American performer in virtually every event she enters.  Her recent win at the American River 50 Miler earned her the ULTRAFIT Ultrarunner of the month honors for the month of April, 2002.
Ed Parrot, 31, of Folsom, California continues his appointed position on the board.  A software consultant and active ultrarunner, he serves in the USATF national organization as Vice Chair of the national Associations Committee and Email Coordinator for the USATF Mountain, Ultra and
Trail Council.  An active athlete and coach, he has extensive knowledge of not only ultrarunning, but of track and field and road running as well.  Ed serves as AUA's assistant webmaster, and is editor of AUA's annual Certified Ultra Performance list and Annual Membership Newsletter.

Dan Brannen, 49, of Morristown, New Jersey continues as the appointed Executive Director of the organization.  Brannen previously served as Chair of the USATF National Ultrarunning Subcommittee for nine years, and as president of the New Jersey Association of USATF for four years.  He also served on the USATF National Budget and Finance Committee for four years.  He was a founding officer and the original General Secretary of the International Association of Ultrarunners.  Dan is a former winner of the JFK 50 Mile and a former American Record holder for the 48 hour run.  He continues to compete in ultras, having recently won the bronze medal in the Men's 45-49 age group at the 2001 USA 50 Mile Trailrunning Championship.
Jason Hodde, 32, of West Lafayette, Indiana, continues in his administrative positions for the organization as statistician and webmaster. A research scientist for a medical device company, he is also a licensed athletic trainer and an experienced ultrarunner with an extensive working knowledge of how the body responds to stress. An ultrarunner since 1992, he has competed in ultras on all surfaces, at all distances, and in various locations including Death Valley in July, and Alaska in November.

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