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1/23/2002: Rich Hanna and Ann Trason, Named UltraRunning Magazine's North American
Runners of the Year

Rich Hanna, from Sacramento, California, and Ann Trason, from Kensington, California, have been named the 2001 men's and women's North American ultrarunners of year, by UltraRunning Magazine. Hanna is a first-time recipient, while it the 12th time Trason has been so honored in the 21-year history of the award.

The pair took divergent paths to winning top honors from UltraRunning. Hanna's focus was on road ultras, highlighted by a silver-medal winning performance in the World Challenge 100 Km in France in August of last year. No American has ever placed as high in this championship race, and his time of 6:43:09 ranks among the top 10 in U.S. history. Hanna was also second in the U.S. 100 Km championships in March.

While Hanna made his mark on the roads, Trason excelled on trails. Perhaps the most successful female ultrarunner in history, Trason continues to push back boundaries. Now a masters runner, she continues to win the open division in most races she enters. She captured her 12th Western States 100 Mile in June, a title among the most prestigious in the sport. Just a month later Trason captured the U.S. 50 Mile crown at the White River race in Greenwater, Washington.

In the performance of the year category, Hanna's World Challenge run topped the men's list, while Deb Mattheus' second place finish in the historic Comrades in South Africa in June led the women. Mattheus, from Conifer, Colorado, clocked a speedy 6:23:04 for 89 km, good enough to place in the top 100 overall in a field numbering nearly 15,000. In a new category this year honoring the top age-group performance, the winner was 61-year-old Bernd Heinrich from Hinesburg, Vermont, who turned in a time of 6:39:55 at the Maine Track Club 50 Mile, good enough to win the race outright.

A board of 15 voters from all regions of North America submitted ballots this year. Complete voting results will appear in the March 2002 issue of UltraRunning and on the UltraRunning web page, www.ultrarunning.com. For further information, please contact publisher Don Allison at
publisher@ultrarunning.com or 781-340-0616.

UR North American Runner of the Year Voting
(first place votes in parentheses)

Rich Hanna, Sacramento, CA (8) 149
Jim Garcia, Westford, MA (3) 115
Scott Jurek, Seattle, WA (2) 100
Dave Dunham, Bradford, MA (1) 92
Chad Ricklefs, Boulder, CO (1) 89

Men's Performance of the Year
Rich Hanna's World 100 Km, 6:43:09 (11)  71
Dave Dunham's Chicago 50 Km, 2:57:29 (2)  40
Scott Jurek's Western States 100 Mile, 16:38:30  28

Ann Trason, Kensington, CA (3)  141
Anne Riddle, Asheville, NC (2)  131
Deb Mattheus, Conifer, CO (5)  117
Monica Scholz, Jerseyville, ONT (4)  100
Ann Heaslett, Madison, WI (1)  51

Women's Performance of the Year
Deb Mattheus' Comrades 89 Km, 6:23:04 (8)  62
Betsy Kalmeyer's Hardrock 100 Mile, 29:58 (3)  27
Ann Trason's Western States 100 Mile, 18:33:34  22

Age Group Performance of the Year
Bernd Heinrich, 61, Maine 50 Mile, 6:39:55 40
Ted Corbitt, 82, Sri Chinmoy Six Day, 303 Miles  37
Sue Ellen Trapp, 55, Olander Park 24 Hour, 126 Miles 19

UR Runners of the Year, 1981-2000
1981 Marcy Schwam, Bernd Heinrich
1982 Marcy Schwam, Stu Mittleman
1983 Janis Klecker, Bernd Heinrich
1984 Donna Hudson, Bernd Heinrich
1985 Sandra Kiddy, Stu Mittleman
1986 Sandra Kiddy, Chuck Jones
1987 Mary Hanudel, Charlie Trayer
1988 Ann Trason, Stefan Fekner
1989 Ann Trason, Sean Crom
1990 Ann Trason,, Andy Jones
1991 Ann Trason, Andy Jones
1992 Ann Trason, Eric Clifton
1993 Ann Trason, Kevin Setnes
1994 Ann Trason, Tom Johnson
1995 Ann Trason, Tom Johnson
1996 Ann Trason, Tom Johnson
1997 Ann Trason, Tom Johnson
1998 Ann Trason, Kevin Setnes
1999 Daniele Cherniak, Mark Godale
2000 Deb Bollig, Dan Held
2001 Ann Trason, Rich Hanna

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