Elections for the three AUA officer positions (President, Secretary, Treasurer) will be held following the USA 50km Road National Championship in Pittsburgh on March 23, 2002.  The elections will be conducted at the beginning of the AUA open membership meeting to be held late afternoon, following the USA Road 50km awards ceremony.  The elections and meeting location and time are still being confirmed, but will most likely be at the USA 50km host hotel.

The incumbents are Lin Gentling (President), Bonnie Busch (Secretary), and Rich Innamorato (Treasurer).  Incumbents are not automatically re-nominated.  All candidates must be nominated in advance of the elections.

The nominating process is as follows:

Candidates for the positions must have been AUA members for the 2001 calendar year (AUA membership is achieved by obtaining USATF "ULTRA" membership; there are 3,220 USATF "ULTRA" members for calendar year 2001 who are eligible to nominate and vote in the 2002 AUA elections).

A candidate for election must first be nominated by a 2001 AUA member and then seconded by another 2001 AUA member.  The nominator must submit his/her own name and 2001 USATF #, along with the name of the nominee and a statement of not more than 600 words in support of the nominee's candidacy.  The seconder must submit his/her own name and 2001 USATF #, indicating support for the nominator's candidate.

Each nomination will be posted to the AUA website as soon as it is complete.

Nominations and seconds must be received by the AUA office by Feb. 20, 2002 in order for the candidates to be placed on the ballot.  Following that, nominations and seconds may also be made from the floor of the AUA meeting on March 23, 2002.

Nominations and seconds to meet the Feb. 20 deadline for inclusion on the ballot may be received by the AUA office either by email, fax, or mail as follows:

FAX:      973-898-6586
MAIL:   AUA, 4 Strawberry Lane, Morristown, NJ 07960

Following the Feb. 20, 2002 deadline, all nominations which meet the requirements will be be placed on the ballot.  The ballot will be posted in printable form on the AUA website.  Only calendar year 2001 AUA members (as verified by 2001 USATF "ULTRA" membership #) will be
eligible to vote.  Eligible AUA members may vote either in person at the AUA elections meeting on March 23, 2002, or by mail ballot.

Mail ballots must be printed from the AUA website and must be received by the AUA office (see mail address above) by March 15, 2002 in order to be accepted (no email or fax ballots will be accepted). Ballots must be sent in a sealed envelope, only one ballot per envelope, and return address on the envelope must include the following, in order:

*the 2001 USATF "ULTRA" membership # of the voter
*the voter's name
*the voter's complete, current mailing address

Ballots which are incomplete in either the ballot itself or the sealed envelope will not be accepted for voting.

The results of the AUA Officers' elections will be announced immediately, and the new slate of Officers will commence their 4-year terms immediately following the elections.


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