March 2, 2002: USA 100Km Team for the 2002 IAU World Cup Selected

The Mountain/Ultra/Trail (MUT) Council of USA Track & Field has selected the USA 100Km Team to compete in the 2002 IAU 100km World Cup. The 62.1-mile event, to be held June 21 in Torhout, Belgium, is the longest annual World Title footrace. The twelve team members are:

Dave Dunham, 37, Bradford, MA
James Garcia, 43, Westford, MA
Rich Hanna, 37, Sacramento, CA
Dan Held, 35, Sussex, WI
Scott Jurek, 28, Seattle, WA
Howard Nippert, 36, Blacksburg, VA

Daniele Cherniak, 39, Cohoes, NY
Jennifer Devine-Pfiefer, 29 Sacramento, CA
Ann Heaslett, 37, Madison, WI
Nikki Kimball, 29, Waterford, NY
Tania Pacev, 42, Lakewood, CO
Anne Riddle, 34, Asheville, NC

Alternates, in order:

Chad Ricklefs, 33, Boulder, CO
Mark Godale, 30, Aurora, OH
Bob Sweeney, 35, Rye Brook, NY

Deb Mattheus, 37, Boulder, CO
Chrissy Ferguson, 40, Conway, AR
Holly Neault-Zinzow, 40, Whitewater, WI

Lin Gentling, Men's Manager
Kris Clark-Setnes, Women's Manager
Lion Caldwell, Team Medical
Kevin Setnes, Team Coach

For more information, contact: Kevin Setnes at 262-495-3474 or

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