The first USA 100 Mile Championship to be held in 14 years will be featured in a live webcast this weekend from the race site, Olander Park in Sylvania, Ohio. The field of over 100 runners from 24 states will repeat the 1.091-mile certified loop around Olander Lake 92 times in pursuit of USA national titles and records.

The race, a co-production of the American Ultrarunning Association and the Toledo Roadrunners Club, commences at 10:00AM Saturday, Sept. 13, and the runners have 27 consecutive hours to log 100 miles.  The men's winner is expected to finish at approximately 11:00PM Saturday night, and the women's winner is expected within the following two hours.

After hosting 10 consecutive USA 24-Hour Run Championships, Olander Park is resurrecting the 100 Mile national title event, last held in Queens, New York in April, 1989.

The top 5 American men and women will split over $2,500 in prize money. Pre-race favorites, coincidentally, are both local Ohioans.  The men's favorite coming into the event is Mark Godale of Aurora, Ohio, who set a still-standing American 24-Hour road record on this course 4 years ago.  The women's favorite is Connie Gardner of Medina, Ohio, last year's surprise American 100km champion.

Tune in to the website of the American Ultrarunning Association (www.americanultra.org) for the live webcast of the event this weekend.

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