Oct. 21, 2004

The second annual 24 Hour Run World Cup will be held this weekend, beginning Saturday, October 23, in Brno, Czech Republic. This year's American National Team, coordinated and sponsored by the American Ultrarunning Association (AUA) consists of:


Scott Eppelman, 38, Coppell, TX: former bronze medalist in the national 24-Hour; second scorer for the American team in last year's World 24 Hour; has also been a scoring member of the national 100km team.

John Geesler, 45, St. Johnsville, NY: 3-time National 24-Hour Run champion, top American is last year's World 24 Hour, and current American Record holder for the 48-hour run.

Roy Pirrung, 56, Sheboygan, WI: the Grand Old Man of American elite ultrarunning, serving again as team captain and "player-coach"; former American Record holder at 24 Hours and 48 Hours and two-time national 24 Hour Run champion; won his first national 24-Hour title in 1987 and still going strong. With this appearance in this race, Pirrung will collect yet another record, supplanting Sandy Kiddy (55 years old, while scoring for the American team at the World 100km, 1991) as the most senior athlete ever to make an open national team.

Alex Swenson, 40, Oak Park, IL: making his national team debut; 5th place in 2003 National 24-Hour Run Championship.


Stephanie Ehret, 41, Boulder, CO: making her national team debut; one of the top American long-range (100 miles & beyond) trail runners; two time winner of the Across-The-Years 24-Hour Track Race.

Sandy Powell, 46, Greenville, VA: two-time silver medalist in the National 24 Hour Championship; second scorer for the American team in last year's World 24 Hour.

Pam Reed, 43, Tucson, AZ: Defending national 24-Hour Run champion and current American Record Holder for 24 Hours on the track; current top American at 48 hours; top American woman in last year's World 24-Hour, finishing 6th.

Additional sponsors for this year's team include Revitaflex and Injinji. Revitaflex is the official Joint & Muscle Care Product of the 2004 American National 24 Hour Run Team.

Please check out our special 24-Hour National Team and World 24 Hour page, featured on the AUA home page at: www.americanultra.org.


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