October 22, 2005 
Ultrarunners of the month for September 2005

Steve Peterson, 43 of Lafayette, CO was the top finisher at the Olander Park National 100 Mile Championship, held on the weekend of September 10/11 in Sylvania, Ohio.  Peterson ran 14:28:37, recording 50 mile splits of 7:01 and 7:27, which barely edged his teammate, Joe Gaebler, by less than 5 minutes.  
Rebecca Johnson, 36 of Lafayette, CO ran a similarly well paced run at Olander Park to take the women's national crown in 15:41:50, with remarkable 50 mile splits of 7:41 and 8:00. Johnson bested Janet Runyan by 1.5 hours.  

Congratulations to these two outstanding performers!

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