2004 American National 100 Mile Run Championship 
Olander Park
Sylvania, OH


2004 100km World Cup
Winschoten, Netherlands


Welcome to the 2004 American National 100 Mile Road Championship, hosted by the Olander Park 24 Hour Run and the Toledo Road Runners! Starting the morning of September 11, 2004, updates will be made throughout the race at this location and the current standings will be loaded in the frame below.  Use your "reload" button on your browser to determine if there is a recent update.

Note: this page will also contain reports which have been phoned in to us from the 100 kilometer World Cup in the Netherlands.

Summary of Final Results for Olander Park 100 Mile and 24 Hour

32 runners completed the 100 mile distance within 27 hours in the AUA championship division, with 41 runners in the 24-hour division.  All 73 runners exceeded marathon distance.  The overall results are shown in the lower window on this page.  Detailed lapcharts for all runners are posted on the compuscore.com web site.

Open Champions

1. Bob Sweeney, 37, Rye Brook, NY, 13:05:28
2. Steve Peterson, 42, Lafayette, CO, 14:11:26
3. John Geesler, 45, St Johnsville, NY, 14:55:44
4. Serge Arbona, 39, Baltimore, MD, 15:57:39
5. John Nichols, 40, Waterville, OH, 16:06:49

1. Connie Gardner, 40, Medina, OH, 15:48:04
2. Rebecca Johnson, 35, Lafayette, CO, 16:19:13
3. Janet Runyan, 45, Boulder, CO, 17:28:59
4. Susan Hart, 38, Reserve, NM, 18:25:08
5. Sue Albert, 35, Murrsville, PA, 19:40:50

Age-Group Champions


1. John Geesler, 45, St Johnsville, NY, 14:55:44
2. Danny Ripka, 47, Minneapolis,MN, 16:55:23
3. John Mcguire, 49, Denver,CO, 21:05:33

1. Janet Runyan, 45, Boulder,CO , 17:28:59
2. Debra Horn, 45, Shaker Heights,OH, 20:29:53
3. Juli Aistars, 45. Lake Zurich,IL, 22:21:16


1. Bob Oberkehr, 50, Northvale,NJ, 18:43:25
2. Nelson Stritehoff, 53, Columbia,MD, 20:35:04

1. Louise Mason, 51. Chicago,IL, 26:06:06


1. Roy Pirrung, 56, Sheboygan,WI, 17:54:24
2. Frederick Davis III, 56, Bedford,OH, 20:20:02
3. Ronnie Wong, 57, Baltimore,MD, 23:36:36

1. Sue Yates,56, Plano,TX, 26:42:35


1. Jhabron David, 60, Reserve,NM, 21:36:32


2. Bruce Boyd, 66, Lakeville,CT, 20:34:23

Women's Team

1. "Ladies of the Loop", Boulder CO, 52:13:20
Janet Runyan
Rebecca Johnson
Susan Hart

Men's and Mixed Teams

1. "Big Dog-Pack Striders", Minneapolis MN, 49:01:13
Roy Pirrung
Danny Ripka
Steve Peterson

2. "Falls Road Running Store", Baltimore MD, 51:28:27
Serge England-Arbona
Nelson Stritehoff
John Geesler

3. "Southeast Running Club", Cleveland OH, 56:38:48
Fred Davis
Connie Gardner
David Corfman

(remainder of this page is the webcast posted during the competition)

24-hour version of race is over, with some runners continuing to 27 hours

The data below is captured at the 24 hour mark.  A small number of runners who have more than 90 miles may be continuing to attempt to reach 100 miles before the final time limit of 27 hours.

Good Morning from Olander Park: 22 hour mark

During the deep night hours we refreshed the results table several times.  As of the 22 hour mark, there are 25 finishers, of which 12 are locked in for age group medals.  We also have enough finishers to finalize the team competition.

Women's Team: 
Runyan, Johnson, Hart in 52:13:20

Men's and Mixed Teams:
Pirrung, Ripka, Peterson in 49:01:13
Arbona, Stritehoff, Geesler in 51:28:27
Davis, Gardner, Corfman in 56:38:48

The time limit will be 27 hours to reach 100 miles.  Those who are reasonably close to 100 miles (perhaps 90 miles) at the 24 hour mark will have the option to continue during the final three hours, however laps completed during the final three hours will be all-or-nothing.  As of the current posting at 22 hours, those with at least 80 miles have a chance to make 100.

Connie Gardner first woman 15:48:10, event record!

Fourteen-plus Hours

Steve Peterson has finished second in 14:11:26.

Update on lead women:  Having once pulled to exactly one lap apart, Rebecca Johnson fell back a few additional minutes, then pulled almost to the point of unlapping with Connie Gardner, then fell back about five minutes.  Gardner is projected to finish somewhere under 16 hours.

Geek Confession: After midnight, USB flash drives fit into empty ethernet ports, but do not do much there.  :-)

Bob Sweeney wins with event record!

Bob Sweeney reached 100 miles at 13:05:33, substantially beating the event record of 14:01 from last year.  This is the fastest 100 by an American in thirteen years, being very similar to a 100 mile split by Rae Clark in 1991 as part of a track 24-hour.

Olander at Twelve Hours

Bob Sweeney is now projected to win the 100-mile in slightly over 13 hours.  Steve Peterson is about 6.8 miles behind so he would finish 100 about an hour after Sweeney.

Rebecca Johnson temporarily unlapped herself, then for several laps she and Connie Gardner ran within seconds of each other on the course, Gardner one lap up.  Johnson took a short break.

Age groups for this event are every five years starting with 45.  John Geesler is thus the first age group runner.  Rebecca Johnson is shown as 45 in the most recent standings but this is a keystroke error on her age which will be corrected during the next hour, thus she is not in an age group.  Roy Pirrung leads M55.  Janet Runyan in F45 is the leading women's age grouper.

Zeke Zucker appears to have set a new national record for M60 age group for 12-hour split distance, 70.54 miles versus a prior record of 70.29.

Olander at Ten Hours

Bob Sweeney has strengthened his lead over Steve Peterson to between 6.5 and 7 miles.  Serge Arbona has slowed and allowed John Geesler to climb into third.  At this moment Arbona is taking a rest break in the community lodge building next to the course.

For several consecutive laps, Rebecca Johnson has been full lap, plus 20 to 30 seconds, behind Connie Gardner.  Just after the ten-hour data was collected, Johnson stepped past Gardner at the aid station, so at least temporarily they are on the same lap.

Olander at Nine Hours

Bob Sweeney has increased his lead to about 5.5 miles over Steve Peterson.  Sweeney could finish the 100 miles in less than 13 hours if he sustains this pace.  Arbona and Geesler are both about two miles further back.

Connie Gardner and Rebecca Johnson are now the fifth and sixth runners overall.  Johnson is slowly reducing Gardner's lead for the women's title, now less than 1.5 miles between them.  Both are on pace to finish faster than Gardner's time from last year.

The sun is now low on the horizon and temperatures are moderating - the runners sprinkler was turned off about an hour ago.

Olander at Eight Hours

Bob Sweeney is now leading by about 5 miles.  Steve Peterson has moved up into second place by holding steady pace while others slow down.  Arbona trails Peterson by almost a mile, and Geesler is almost another mile behind Arbona.

Connie Gardner and Rebecca Johnson have now spent quite a long time locked about 1.5 miles apart, Gardner leading.

Sweeney, plus both of the lead women, could break last year's course records if they can continue current paces.

***WORLD 100K: Final American Finishers & Notes:

The final American finishers:
*Charles Hubbard, 9:02:40
*Lucy Carr, 9:16:51
*Carolyn Smith, 9:16:51

Finally, there is a discrepancy in the individual women's results.  The Japanese runner Akiko Sekiya was credited with finishing 5th in 7:44, but her name has subsequently been removed from the results.  It is possible Anne Riddle's official finish may be 5th, not 6th.  We'll update if and when we know for sure.

Olander at Six Hours

In the women's race, Rebecca Johnson has closed some of the distance towards leader Connie Gardner.  The gap between them had been exactly two laps, but is now about 1.75 laps.  Janet Runyan is slightly more than a lap behing Johnson.

Bob Sweeney now leads the men by slightly more than three laps over Serge Arbona.  John Geesler and Steve Peterson are very close to each other for third and fourth.

John Nichols leads Ohio's home-state runners as fifth male.

***WORLD 100K:  American Wrapup....
We can now confirm that American Anne Riddle finished 6th in 7:56:48, a personal best by 15 minutes.  Rounding out the American women's team were Nikki Kimball, with a strong finish to take 14th in 8:27:22, and Ann Heaslett in 8:36:08.
Howard Nippert's 7th place overall finish in 6:43:12 is now also confirmed.
Other American finishers as the official results now report up to just under 9 hours:
*Mark Werner, 7:35:53
*Tim Clement, 7:46:27
*Jarrow Wahman, 7:47:40
*Jim Ramacier, 8:29:34
*Laura Nelson, 8:38:48
*Mary Fagan, 8:39:54
*Siri Terjesen, 8:41:16
*Rena Schumann, 8:54:44
....Following these, Charles Hubbard, Lucy Carr, and Carolyn Smith were still on the course finishing their final lap.

Olander at Five Hours:

Bob Sweeney has a lead of about 2.5 miles over Serge Arbona.  John Geesler is a bit more than a quarter mile behind Arbona, with Steve Peterson almost exactly a lap (1.091 mile) behind Geesler.  Connie Gardner leads Rebecca Johnson by almost two laps, with Gardner holding even about 100 meters behind Johnson on the course.

The weather is quite warm now, and the aid station has a spray hose going for runners who want a cold rinse.

***WORLD 100K: Zhyrokova new Women's World Champ, Riddle under 8 hours!
Tatiana Zhyrkova has taken the women's world title in a reported 7:10, with Russian countrywoman Marina Bychkova passing Italian Monica Casiraghi during the last 10k lap to take silver.  Just crossing the Finish Line as we report this is American Anne Riddle in 7:56 (initial phone report indicates 6th place, but possibly 5th), the first American woman in 5 years to break 8 hours.

***WORLD 100K - Riddle on a Roll, moves up to 6th: In a stunning late-race surge, American Anne Riddle has moved up to 6th place in the women's race, hitting 80km in 6:17.  Riddle may have a shot at making the top 5.  Behind her, Americans Nikki Kimball and Mary Fagan covered the 80km distance in 6:45, with Ann Heaslett just another 2 minutes behind.

American Howard Nippert has just finished 7th in the World 100K in Winschoten, The Netherlands.  Nippert's 6:43:12 finishing time is a personal best by 18 minutes.  The individual world title was taken by Italy's Mario Ardemagni, in 6:18:22.  Poland's Jaroslaw Janicki finished 2nd in 6:26:22, and the bronze was taken by Russian Oleg Kharitonov in 6:32:55. 

Olander: Three Hours

Sweeney now leads by about one mile, followed by Arbona and Geesler very close to each other.  Steve Peterson has moved up to fourth male due to slowdowns by other runners.  Gardner leads the women by 2 miles, with Johnson passing Martin for the third position.

***100K World Cup, Report #2:

At 80K (just short of 50 miles), Mario Ardemagni is just a few seconds over 5 hours and leading Jaroslaw Janicki by 4 minutes.  Howard Nippert, still running steady, passed fellow American Scott Creel at about 43 miles.  The Yankee duo are running 10th and 11th.
Approaching 45 miles, Russian Tatiana Zhyrkova continues to lead Italian Monica Casiraghi by 6 minutes, with Akiko Sekiya of Japan in 3rd.  Anne Riddle continues as top American, in 12th place.  Nikki Kimball is in 17th place, about 12 minutes behind Riddle.

Olander: Two Hours

Bob Sweeney is now alone, leading Serge Arbona by about a half mile, with Geesler another minute behind for third place, then Ray K another five mkinutes back.  Connie Gardner now leads the women by about 1.5 miles, with Kim Martin second.  Rebecca Johnson and Janet Runyan are together for third and fourth place.


Just past halfway in the 100K World Cup we have a report from the race site in The Netherlands.  It looks like an exciting race in favorable weather conditions.  Italian Mario Ardemagni was leading the race with a 3:09 split at 50K, after which he picked up the pace to lengthen his lead over a trio including his countryman and defending world champ Mario Fattore, Frenchman Pascal Fetizon, and Jaroslaw Janicki of Poland.  American Scott Creel of Colorado started among the leadersand is running in 9th place (50K time 3:11).  Howard Nippert, America's best hope on paper going into the race, was running at a steady pace 6 minutes further back at halfway, but had started to make appreciable gains on all those in front of him.  Just after 50K he had moved into 14th place.  Further back in the pack, Tim Clement and Charles Hubbard of the American team were at 3:39 and 3:49, respectively.  Clement, like Nippert, was running at a steady pace through the first half.  Hubbard's pace had faltered during the 4th and 5th 10km laps.
The women's race is led by Russian Tatiana Zhyrkova and defending world champ, Italian Monica Casiraghi, both hitting 3:32 at halfway.  Another 4 minutes back is Japan's Akiko Sekiya.  Top American, in 12th place, was Anne Riddle (3:56 at halfway).  Americans Nikki Kimball and Mary Fagan were further back in the field, together at 4:03.
We will bring you additional reports from the World 100K, interspersing them with this American 100 mile coverage as we receive them.

Olander: One Hour

There were 73 actual starters, with one more runners expected to make a late start.

The men's race is bring co-led by John Geesler (multiple 24 hour championships) plus Bob Sweeney.  Serge England-Arbona is a few seconds back, then a few minutes after them is ultra veteran Ray Krolewicz.

Steve Peterson of Colorado is hanging back during the early going, but is expected to climb in the standings.  He ran an evenly paced 87 miles in 12 hours earlier this summer while using the FANS 24-hour as a training session.

Connie Gardner (defending 100 mile champion) is fifth overall and leads the women by about a half mile, followed by Kim Martin.  A group of women is about one mile behind Gardner.

Olander: Start of Race

The 2004 Olander Park ultramarathons began at 10:13 AM, Eastern timezone, in Sylvania Ohio. There are slightly over 70 actual starters.  Once the race is an hour old, we will begin loading hourly standings into the lower window.  Timing is provided by CompuScore using Champion Chip equipment.  Temperature at sunrise was 57 degree Fahrenheit, but it is rapidly warming under a bright sun and is expected to peak at about 82 in the afternoon. The sky is clear with little wind.

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